Our Services

We provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Provide information and advice on accessible web design and development.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to individuals and companies who wish to make their websites more accessible.
  • Validate and ensure that all websites are fully accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Create Content Management Systems, HTML templates and extensions designed to help website authors make accessible websites.


Meet the AccessibleWeb Cofounders:

Sauro Cesaretti

Sauro Cesaretti

Sauro is a Web Accessibility Consultant and front-end Web Developer.
He provides consulting solutions to government agencies, educational institutions and private companies on implementing accessible websites.

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Rafael Minuesa

Rafael Minuesa

Rafael describes himself as a Graphic Designer turned Web Designer turned Web Developer.
He has worked extensively with PHP/MySQL Content Management Systems, specializing mostly in WordPress and WooCommerce.

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