Things that Sighted People can learn from Blind People

In this video, Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, gives four household tips that sighted people can learn from blind people.

Tommy is now producing videos that reveal a glimpse into his life and the funny challenges that he faces daily, such as what it’s like for someone who is blind to use an ATM or how some people who are visually impaired may organize their money.

One of the most interesting videos Tommy has produced is the story of how his parents told him he couldn’t see. Because being blind was all he’d ever known, he never figured that there was something wrong with him. He says that he doesn’t remember the exact moment when he was told about it, but being blind is natural and normal as far as Tommy is concerned. He doesn’t think he’s missing anything. “To us, my family, it was normal,” he says. “It was all I knew.” It’s quite apparent from his videos that Tommy has a great sense of humor. Other interesting videos include: ‘Best Things about Being Blind’, ‘Why Nature Scares Me’ and the ‘Blind Basketball’ series.

Tommy is also reviewing movies as the Blind Film Critic. With his unique and interesting perspective, Tommy says “I watch movies and pay attention to them in a different way than sighted people do. I’m not distracted by all the beautiful shots and attractive people. I watch a movie for the writing and acting.”

In addition to being the Blind Film Critic, Tommy has been a radio professional for over 20 years, having spent the last 16 at STAR 99.9 FM in Connecticut as a traffic reporter. Tommy’s engaging personality, along with his on-air excellence and entertaining demeanor has garnered him much media attention.

For more information about Tommy Edison head over to:

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Tommy Edison
Tommy Edison
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