Accessibility Days 2018

Accessibility Days 2018To celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) an awareness event for software developers, designers, manufacturers, and others, will take place in Bologna, on 18 May 2018.

The “Global Accessibility Awareness Day” is an event promoted every year during the month of May in various locations worldwide, to raise awareness of digital technologies on the topics of accessibility and inclusiveness, through comparison of usability with people with disabilities.

In Italy it was organized for the first time in 2017 by several communities of technology enthusiasts, in collaboration with the Ancona section of the UICI (Italian Union of the Blind and the Visually Impaired), with an event called “Accessibility Days”.

The first edition attracted a lot of enthusiasm among the participants, thanks to the numerous organized initiatives: not only classic sessions, but also workshops, like the Developer’s Corner, and real “sensory” experiences, such as the visit to the Tattile Museum and the dinner in the dark. In addition to being hosted in an exceptional location such as the Tattoile Museum Homer, one of the most important in the world of its kind, which just by itself is enough to leave you speechless.

On the wave of this enthusiasm we have decided to organize a new edition for 2018, this time in Bologna, involving other specialized companies on the subject of disabilities, such as the UICI Bologna, the “Universal Access” community and the Istituto dei Ciechi F. Cavazza, who will host us in an equally exceptional location, able to merge history, art and technology, in a marriage that will surely give us new emotions.

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