Braille Smartphone Prototype ready for testing


A new braille smartphone is being developed by Sumit Dagar, a National Institute of Design post-graduate, who teamed three years ago with the IIT Delhi and the LV Prasad Eye Institute.

The innovative prototype comes with a touch-screen that elevates and depresses at specific spots, emulating a Braille display, allowing blind users to read and send emails and text messages. This type of technology is known as Shape Memory Alloy: the idea is that each individual spot possesses “memory” with which it can remember its initial state after rising to form a Braille character.

Additionally, the phone makes extensive use of sound and vibrations to help the user recognize the different functions different functions.

The first model is expected to be available by the end of 2013 and retail for a price of about $185. Dagar also confirmed that more advanced versions of the smartphone are on the works.


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