Accessible User Interfaces in modern application development – how hard can it be ?

“Accessible development? It’s difficult, you need experts and you spend a large part of your budget to meet the needs of a few blind people who are not my target anyway.”

This is a type of comment that is often heard from developers when it comes to the accessibility of a product. In truth, most of the time it’s hidden behind nice words and promises to do what you can, but the meaning remains, and it’s that it’s not possible or that you have to spend a lot, too much money to do it.

Accessibility can be seen as something specific to a small group of people and something that can be added to your product once finished. As an alternative, a product can be designed from the start to comply with a few rules that allow you to avoid inaccessibility, and by satisfying the accessibility characteristics, your product could be more comfortable and intuitive for all your users. This increases your profit and user satisfaction, and accessibility becomes not a cost term but a profit factor.

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